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How to Help the IDPs

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Credit: Chowrangi | Teeth Maestro

There is a very serious military offensive in the northern areas of Pakistan [Swat, Dir, Buner and adjacent locations] the offensive is to uproot the terrorists from the region but innocent Pakistani are suffering and are actually being displaced out of that region migrating to safer regions like Mardan, Charsadda and Peshawar. They are fellow Pakistanis and they need our help

With an expected 0.5 to 1.0 million people to be displaced from their residence, Swat Crisis is being termed as largest humanitarian and displacement crisis in recent times. Whether we support the military operation or not, these Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) need our help.

There could be other ways how we all can help make their suffering a little less – share you ideas but at the same time this is an appeal to all individuals, organizations, charities and NGOs in general and nationals of Pakistan in particular, whether resident or expat, to come forward and help by extending financial, technical and moral support to hundreds of thousands, feared to be displaced in Swat Crisis. If nothing else, please spread the word.

How you can help:

Besides sending cash through below mentioned charity organizations, you can support by providing following commodities. Please do not donate old/expired stuff. Make sure edible items are hygienic and properly packed.

* Clothing: Clothes of various sizes, Beddings, Shoes
* Utensils: Jerricans (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids), Crockery, Buckets
* Toiletries: Tissues, Soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), Towels
* Food: Rice, Sugar, Flour (Atta), Onions, Potatoes, Cooking oil, Tea, Milk (tetra packs or powder), Safe drinking water, Cooked Food


1. Water purification tablets.
2. Life saving drugs.
3. Vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza.
4. Pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz .
5. Antibiotics e.g. tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin.
6. IV cannulas
7. IV Drip sets
8. IV drips: normal saline, ringerlactate
9. Local anesthetics (injections)
10. Cotton bandages, cotton.
11. Surgical instruments: e.g needle holders, forceps, tweezers.
12. Suturing materials, Skin staples.

Charity Organizations in Pakistan:

* Al-Khidmat Foundation: Donate here.
* Edhi Foundation: Donate here.
* SUNGI: Who to contact [link], where to donate [link].

International Charity Organizations:

* Plan International
* International Medical Corps
* The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

More Resources:

DONATE ONLINE no matter where in world you are:
Monitor Online:

FaceBook: Pakistan Crisis: People of Swat, Dir, Buner need our Help…
Google Sites:
Help Pakistan Now

Credit: Chowrangi | Facebook | PkPolitics |Teeth Maestro

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